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Corporate Culture Assessments

A substantial body of research (e.g. John Kotter and James Heskett, Corporate Culture and Performance), including research conducted by Cass Bettinger & Associates, documents the powerful and incontrovertible relationship between a firm’s corporate culture and financial performance over time. Over 25 years ago, Cass Bettinger pioneered the use of corporate culture surveys (which differ dramatically from employee opinion or satisfaction surveys) as an integral part of the strategic planning process for commercial banks. Cass Bettinger & Associates is also available to facilitate corporate culture strategy development sessions with commercial banks and bank holding companies. Only by quantifying the specific strengths and weaknesses in the overall corporate culture of an organization, and in the sub-cultures of key groups within the organization, can management develop and execute the specific strategies needed to build a strong, positive and strategically supportive corporate culture that represents sustainable competitive advantage.

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